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Consistency in an Ever-Changing Market: A Case Study

“With the assurances and quality that Westex® fabrics provide, we believe we can tell people we are offering the world’s best FR garments to our customers.” – Steve McCrory, Saf-Tech …


Case Study- The Value of Brand Reputation

A lot has changed in the 30 years that Rasco has been supplying flame resistant (FR) garments for the electric utilities and oil and gas industries.

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Championing Safety: A University Sets Student Safety Above All

For a U.S.-based research laboratory at a major university, the pursuit of scientific discovery brings students into close contact with potentially hazardous situations. Laboratory researchers often utilize risky chemical agents …

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Standing Up for Worker Safety: A case study on Generic vs. Branded FR Fabric (ENG)

When Dan joined an American company as Environmental Health and Safety Manager, his team leader and Director of Environmental Health and Safety, Robin, immediately informed him that the eld employees, …

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Understanding Your Liability in Third-Party Contractor Situations

Last year, a Los Angeles County jury found Qualcomm liable for $7.1 million in damages as a result of a burn incident. Qualcomm,a telecommunications equipment company, was found negligent in …

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